There are generally 3 ways to obtain ETH and top up your wallet.

  1. Buy directly from within a crypto wallet such as the ones we support, Metamask and Torus, with credit/debit cards, bank transfer or even Apple Pay. Availability of this service varies depending on the country you live in. KYC may be required.
  2. Buy from a reputable crypto exchange and then withdraw it to your Ethereum address, exchanges will charge a withdrawal fee and availability also varies depending on the country of residence. KYC is required.
  3. Buy directly from individual crypto sellers via decentralised crypto exchanges supporting traditional payment methods and then have the ETH sent directly to your wallet. KYC is generally not required.

Here is a good tool to see what exchanges and wallets let you purchase ETH in your country.


A quick walkthrough on purchasing ETH in Metamask and Torus

Below are some examples of buying directly within a crypto wallet from the wallets that we support.

For Metamask

Click on the Buy button and then choose either Wyre or Transak if you are on the desktop using the Metamask plugin.

In the Metamask mobile app, iPhone owners can actually use Apple Pay to purchase ETH via Wyre where as Android phones only have Transak. Again this will largely depend on where you are and which mobile device you have.


Select either Wyre or Transak if you wish to buy with credit and debit cards. 

Wyre Widget

Transak Widget

Both widgets work in a similar way, you enter the amount you would like to buy in your preferred fiat currency, calculation for the fees will follow. Click buy now and you will be asked to fill in your personal information and address as part of the KYC procedure before making the payment with credit/debit cards.

It will take some time for the ETH to arrive in your wallet as some service providers will need to purchase on open markets and sometimes transferring ETH during network peak time will also take time.

For Torus

After signing in with Torus on BNV.ME. Open the bubble at the right bottom corner. Click on the ‘+’ button as seen in the screenshot, this will open up another web page and there are more options. 

The list of available service providers will appear in another page, you can see the supported payment methods, charges, purchase limit and the available cryptocurrencies for purchase. Most of the service providers will have a similar purchase experience as mentioned above.

If you need further assistance, head over to our Discord and reach out to our team. We will be more than happy to walk you through this process and lend you a helping hand on your journey into the exciting world of web3.