How do I become a BNV Creator?

Email us directly on and let us know what your areas of speciality are in digital product creation. A few examples of work or a link to a portfolio would be appreciated.

As we grow the brands and designers we work with on the platform we will need more 3D designers on our books to help bring their ideas to fruition and showcase them in the best possible formats.

Depending on the brand, expectations and communication we will aim for you to work as directly as possible with the creative teams from the brands.

What experience should I have and what tools do I need to have access to?

The software you use will depend on your areas of speciality but it's important you are able to construct, create textures, with close attention to detail, and render to very high standards and resolutions. Although the products will never be produced in the real world it must look as realistic as possible and ultimately desirable.

How am I compensated for my work?

When the product is signed off by all parties we create a Smart Contract for each style and determine the number of NFT's to be minted as part of the contract. ie, the number of pieces of each style to be released for auction. Within the Smart Contract the full product and auction terms are set including the rewards and compensation for the Brand, the Creator (you) and the Platform (us).

Rather than a fixed fee as in normal freelance work you will be rewarded according to the success of the item at both initial auction stage but also for any and all secondary marketplace sales.

You will need a crypto wallet for Ethereum. We are currently utilising Metamask and Torus which are both straightforward to set up as either a browser plugin or a dApp on iOS or Android. Once we have your public wallet address this is built into the smart contract for each item with an agreed percentage of sales allocated to your wallet for each NFT that is transacted. As soon as an auction ends or a transaction completes on the Marketplace your wallet will be credited with the same percentage split of the Marketplace fee as the original auction.

The percentage will be determined based on the work involved in bringing the design to life but would normally be between 15% and 25% after gas fees.

As long as you have your wallet and the NFT's continue to trade you will continue to earn and the process is automated and transparent.

Product Integrity

As a Creator acting on behalf of Brands and other Designers it's important that the product created is not derivative or copied directly from other IP owners. Similarly the designs created for BNV must not be sold or offered on any other digital asset marketplace or NFT platform or in any other digital format for commercial gain.

If you wish to showcase the product in your portfolio or on Social Media you will need to have the authorisation of both the IP owner and BNV.


We plan to have a Makerspace available on BNV.ME in the coming months that will allow creators to offer their own original product creations for auction and sale allowing approved participants to build their own virtual brand.