Where Digital Product Launches (DPLs) take place

BNV Showroom is where brands and creators launch their 3D virtual products and where you can bid in an auction to win an item using your cryptocurrency wallet.

The rule is simple, if 10 items are to be launched in a DPL, you will need to stay in a top 10 position until the auction ends. If you are outbid during the auction, your bid will be returned immediately. We will notify you so that you will be able to increase your bid and get back in the race!

In the instance of two bidders with the same amount the bidder who placed first will have the priority at the close of the auction.


We will soon release an improved version of our marketplace to making trading your fashion NFT more enjoyable!

Where Secondary Sales take place.

BNV Marketplace is the only place where you can list the items from your Wardrobe for sale. We do this because we need to make sure brands and creators see that their brand equity is protected and they receive their royalties on auctions and trades.

Currently, we aim to keep it simple and the highest bidder at the end of the auction period will win the item.


Where you can see and act on your 3D fashion items.

You can see the value* of your wardrobe based on marketplace activity of all items and you can decide whether to sell your item or send it as a gift**.

We will also be adding more features and utilities that you will be able to access from your wardrobe in the near future.

*The value of items in a customer's wardrobe can go down as well as up.

**There is a transfer fee charged on gifting because we need to make sure brands and creators see their brand equity is protected in the form of universal and perpetual royalties.